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    Anyone who has ever driven up to their own home can appreciate how peace of mind is one of the biggest benefits of using an automatic garage door lock.

    You can’t always be sure that everything is okay at home when you’re away – but if you have an automatic garage lock, you’ll know the moment that it is opened.

    Many doors in a home can be secured with locks – but what about garage doors? Automatic garage door locks are a great way to provide additional security and peace of mind for your family.


    7 Reasons You Should Upgrade to Automatic Garage Door Lock


    1. Upgrade Your Security

    The first reason for getting an automatic garage door lock is that it will upgrade the security of your home.

    It’s a known fact that the garage door is the least secure entryway in most homes, so by taking appropriate steps to keep it safe, you increase security for all of the other doors and windows as well.

    While there may not necessarily be a problem at the moment, it can’t hurt to know that your home is just a little bit safer from potential break-ins.

    Increased home security has been a growing concern for homeowners throughout the country ever since there was a spike in thefts during the 2008 recession. According to police reports, residential break-ins have gone up over 30% in the past six years all across America.

    While breaking into the house through the garage might not sound as appealing as coming in through an open window or set of French doors, intruders will take whatever route they can find to get inside so that they can steal valuable items or come in and cause harm to those who live there.

    An automatic lock adds another line of defense by making it much harder for someone to break into your garage so that they have to try to break through the door itself.


    2. Upgrade Peace of Mind

    The next reason is peace of mind. Because you know there is less chance for an intruder to get in, you can sleep better at night knowing that you are safer inside the home.

    Also, by securing the garage door, it means that if someone does happen to get into your garage, then the rest of the house remains more secure since they will have a harder time getting through interior doors.

    If anything was stolen from outside of the garage but not from inside, it gives you just one more indication that someone did get in and may still be around somewhere as well. It’s nice to know that our homes are protected by more than just doors and windows!


    3. Upgrade Your Current Garage Door

    Another reason to get an automatic garage door lock is to upgrade your current garage door.

    While you might not have a problem with the strength or structure of your garage door at the moment, a lot can happen over time, especially if it is an older model that was installed when your house was built.

    Also, with all of the new technology on the market these days including motion-sensing lights and smart home amenities, you may want to employ some of those in your garage as well for added safety and ease of use.

    If you do decide to upgrade your garage door in addition to adding an automatic lock, then call Locksmith King Rockville MD so that we can provide you with the best possible options for your home.


    4. Upgrade the Look of Your Garage

    Another reason to consider an automatic garage door lock is that it will upgrade the look of your garage, which in turn upgrades the appearance of your house as well!

    A lot of people see their garages as storage spaces or places where they work on hobbies like car repair, so upgrading to a beautiful door makes sense because it mirrors what happens inside the house.

    If you are looking for something sleek and high quality, then consider maple wood paneling over painted sheet metal; if you want something more contemporary, then stick with black or stainless steel finishings; and if you want a classic look, pick Victorian-style doors with stained glass inserts.


    5. Upgrade the Functionality of Your Garage

    Another reason for getting an automatic garage door lock is to upgrade the functionality of your garage, whether it’s the ease of use or time savings when entering and exiting.

    One popular option is a keyless entry system that allows you to open up the door with just a swipe of your hand instead of trying to find your keys every single morning.

    Another way to increase convenience in your home is to have automated lights installed so that when you pull into the driveway after dark, exterior lights automatically turn on so you don’t have to get out of the car until you are ready.

    These types of upgrades are often included with automatic locks so why not take advantage?


    6. Improve Your Home Value

    Finally, by getting automatic garage door locks to increase protection for your family and property, you will also improve the value of your home!

    According to real estate experts, automatic garage doors are a must-have for homebuyers because it means that you have taken steps to keep the property safe.

    You will be able to sell your home at a higher price point due to this upgrade too, which is always an added benefit when selling!

    Overall, automatic locks are worth the investment in terms of safety and increased value.


    7. Upgrade Privacy

    Nowadays it seems like everyone has their own personal surveillance cameras set up inside and outside of their homes to try and catch any would-be intruders before they enter or after they leave.

    There are even gadgets on the market these days that allow you to unlock doors for friends or family members remotely so that they don’t necessarily even need a key to get inside.

    If this sounds too high-tech for you, then just keep one thing in mind: by adding an automatic garage door lock after dark, you deter anyone who may be peering into your home at night thinking that no one is around.

    Upgrade your life and upgrade your garage door with Locksmith King Rockville MD.


    Are you looking for a new garage door lock system?

    A lot of people are unaware that they can upgrade their existing garage door to an automatic one.

    An automatic garage door is great because it’s convenient and easy to use, so why not get the best out of your home? You will be able to open and close your garage from anywhere in the world with just a click of a button on your phone!

    And if you have kids or pets, this is especially useful as you won’t have to worry about them getting locked inside when playing around. It also comes with other benefits such as being more secure than traditional locksets, which makes it perfect for protecting your home against burglars.

    If you want convenience and security all rolled into one product then upgrading to an automatic garage door lock system is definitely worth considering! We offer free consultations where we can discuss all the options available so don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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