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    Have you ever considered the different types of locks for your home? The type of lock that is most suitable for your needs may not be what you would have originally thought. For example, if you live in a single-family dwelling and want to stop intruders from entering through the front door, then a deadbolt is more appropriate than a doorknob lock.

    Locks are a big part of our lives and have been for centuries. They’ve evolved from simple locks to the ones we use today that protect all types of buildings, homes, cars, etc. However, what some people don’t know is the different types of locks out there which can help them determine which one will work best for their needs. Whether you need a lock for your windows or for your safe or doors, it is important that you find the right type of lock before anything happens. With so many choices out there it may seem daunting but this article should make things easier because we will be going over each type and giving recommendations on the best ones.


    Here is a list of the most common types with examples:




    Deadbolt Locks

    Deadbolts are one of the most common types of locks found in residential homes. They’re also used for safes and windows, as well. It’s important to have a deadbolt on your door because it latches on both sides, so it will be much more difficult to break into than a regular doorknob lock. While they offer security benefits that other locks don’t provide, there are some disadvantages associated with them too:

     – Deadbolts can be easily opened by kicking them in if they aren’t reinforced with metal parts.

     – They take up space on your door frame which means you’ll need to leave room for the bolt mechanism when you install new doors or make repairs to existing ones. The bolts themselves may also prevent your door from opening and closing smoothly.

     – It’s hard to get the deadbolt into position if you’re using it on a door with very little space for maneuvering, like an interior closet door. This is why many people prefer knob locks instead: they take up less space in the frame but offer just as much security.





    The main advantages of using these locks are that they can be used on anything: may it be internal doors, windows, or a closet. It’s inexpensive because you don’t need any tools to install it.

    It is also a good option for homes with children or pets who might try to reach for the knob and open the door anyway. The disadvantages include that it does not have magnetic properties, so it won’t stop someone who is trying to break into your home.




    Keyless Locks




    This type is good for internal doors because it can only be opened with a code and is not vulnerable to being kicked in like deadbolts are. These will not work on windows or doors that need a key.

    Keyless locks are becoming more popular because they can be used on doors that need a key as well as internal doors.

    One of the main advantages is that it doesn’t have magnetic properties and will stop someone who is trying to break into your home. One disadvantage is that it does not work with windows or doors needing keys.

    The other advantage: this type of lock only requires a code, so there’s no worry about forgetting your keys at home. The disadvantages include the fact that you may forget the code, especially if you don’t use it regularly; and also if someone else has access to your code then they could get in too. This lock is good if you have a security team on standby.



    This is good for windows that open and don’t need to be locked, such as fire escapes or a window leading into a garage. However, some homeowners who own second homes with sliding glass doors that aren’t used for entry may install them on their windows anyway to give themselves more security.

    Another advantage is that they are easy to use and do not take up space in your window frame, and the lock can be placed anywhere on the sliding panel. The disadvantages include that they can easily be pushed open or broken in by someone who is strong enough, so they are not recommended for homes with children or pets.

    One other disadvantage is that if there is a lock malfunction you can’t unlock the window from your side, so you would have to go outside and enter through the door instead.





































    Keyless Entry Door



















    The keyless entry door is one of the most popular types of locks for a single-family home. This type is another good option for homes that don’t need to be locked, such as a second-floor deck. By using your keyless entry door you can enjoy the outdoors without worrying about intruders getting in.



















    One main advantage of this type is that they are easy to use and do not take up space in your window frame, and the lock can be placed anywhere on the sliding panel.



















    Another advantage includes that this type can only be opened with a code so there’s no worry about forgetting keys at home which means you can enjoy the outdoors without worrying about intruders getting in. The disadvantage is that if you forget your code it will be very hard to get into your home.





































    Non-Locking Latches



















    This type is best if you’re looking for something cheap or temporary that will work just fine on your windows or doors. This is good for back entrances, or if you are concerned that the burglar will break your window without even unlocking it.











































































    This type of lock is best used on doors that lead outside, such as a backdoor or front door. It is also good for big safes because it protects against burglary. If you want this type of lock then make sure it is a high-quality one because if someone wants to get in they will by sawing, cutting, or kicking the door down.



















    The mortise lock has been in use for centuries and is still the most popular type of lock for a single-family home.



















    Mortise locks are so popular because they offer unmatched security and durability without sacrificing convenience or cost. These types typically come with either two or three-pin tumblers, which means there’s less chance that you’ll forget your keys.
























































    This type is good for patio doors and sliding glass doors because it doesn’t need to be locked but prevents anyone from getting in.





































    Thumb Turn



















    This type is best for windows that won’t be used often, such as an attic window or closet window. It does not prevent anyone from getting in so it is a good idea to put something on the inside of the window like plywood or metal bars behind it to make sure no one gets in.





































    Rim Lock



















    This type of lock is best for interior doors because it lacks the protection of deadbolts or heavy metal parts. It is also good for cabinets because it can be used as a fastener type and it comes with latch locks built-in.





































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