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    Installing interior doors may seem like a daunting task, but with these step-by-step instructions, you can have your new door installed in no time! We’ll go over the necessary tools and materials you’ll need, as well as explain each step of the process. So whether you’re replacing an old door or installing a brand new one, we’ve got you covered!


    Why Is Interior Door Installation Necessary?

    Interior door installation is a necessary component of any new home build or remodel for a variety of reasons. Most importantly, doors provide security and privacy for the home occupants. They also can help to regulate temperature within the home and create barriers against pests and other animals.

    In addition, doors add to the aesthetic value of a home and can be used to express the homeowner’s style and personality. interior door installation is not a difficult process, but it is important to consult with a professional to ensure that the door is properly hung and aligned. With a little bit of planning and care, interior door installation can be a smooth and efficient process.


    Types Of Interior Doors

    There are many types of interior doors, and each has its own specific purpose.

    Standard Entry Door

    The most common type of interior door is the standard entry door, which is used to provide access to a room or home. Other types of interior doors include closet doors, bathroom doors, and bedroom doors.

    Closet Doors

    Closet doors are typically made of wood or metal and are used to create a storage space within a room. Bathroom doors are often made of glass or plastic and are used to provide privacy and separate the bathroom from the rest of the home. Bedroom doors are usually made of wood or metal and can be either sliding or hinged.


    Hinged Interior Doors

    Hinged interior doors are those that open and close on hinges. The most common type of hinged door is the French door, which has two leaves that hinge together in the middle. Other types of hinged doors include bifold doors, accordion doors, and louver doors.


    Sliding Interior Doors

    Sliding interior doors, as the name suggests, open and close by sliding on a track. The most common type of sliding door is the bypass door, which has two leaves that slide past each other in the middle. Other types of sliding doors include pocket doors and barn doors.


    Folding Interior Doors

    Folding interior doors are those that fold up against the wall when they are not in use. The most common type of folding door is the accordion door, which has a series of panels that fold up against each other. Other types of folding doors include bi-fold doors and tri-fold doors.


    Glass Interior Doors

    Glass interior doors are those that are made entirely of glass. The most common type of glass door is the French door, which has two leaves that hinge together in the middle and are made of glass. Other types of glass doors include sliding glass doors and frosted glass doors.


    How To Install A Prehung Interior Door?

    Installing prehung doors is a pretty simple process that even novice do-it-yourselfers can handle. The first thing you need to do is remove the old door. To do this, use a pry bar to remove the molding around the door. Once the molding is removed, you should be able to see the hinges that are holding the door in place. Use a screwdriver or drill to remove the screws that are holding the hinges in place. With the screws removed, the door should come right off. If not, you may need to tap it with a mallet until it becomes loose.

    With the old door out of the way, it’s time to install the new one. Start by putting the new door into the rough opening. Make sure that it is level and plumb before continuing. Once you have the door in place, use shims to fill any gaps between the door and the framing. Use a hammer to nail the shims in place.

    Next, install the hinges onto the door. Make sure that they are level and plumb before attaching them to the framing with screws. Finally, add any molding that was removed from the old door and your job is done! Installing a prehung door is a simple process that almost anyone can do with just a few tools and materials. So don’t be afraid to tackle this project on your own!


    Common Door Frames Used Now A Days

    There are a few common door frames used now a days. The most popular ones being the metal and wood door frames. These are by far the most widely used types of door frames, however there are also plastic and composite door frames available as well.


    Metal Door Frames

    Metal door frames are usually made from either steel or aluminum. They are very strong and durable, making them ideal for both commercial and residential applications. Metal door frames are also very easy to install, which makes them a good choice for those who are not experienced in do-it-yourself projects.


    Wood Frame

    Wood door frames are another popular option. They offer the same durability as metal door frames, but are also much more aesthetically pleasing. Wood door frames can be stained or painted to match the surrounding decor, and they offer a warm and natural look to any home.


    Plastic Door Frames

    Plastic door frames are a newer option that is becoming increasingly popular. They are made from a variety of different materials, including PVC, polycarbonate, and fiberglass. Plastic door frames are very lightweight and easy to install, making them a good choice for those who are not experienced in do-it-yourself projects.


    Composite Door Frames

    Composite door frames are made from a combination of materials, including wood, metal, and plastic. They offer the best of both worlds in terms of strength and aesthetics. Composite door frames are also very easy to install, making them a good choice for those who are not experienced in do-it-yourself projects.

    When it comes to choosing the right door frame for your home, it is important to consider the type of door that you will be using. The door frame should be compatible with the door that you select. For example, if you are planning on using a sliding glass door, then you will want to choose a door frame that is designed for that specific type of door.


    Essential Things Needed To Install An Interior Door

    Installing an interior door is a fairly simple task that most people can do without too much trouble. However, there are a few essential things that you’ll need in order to do it properly. First, you’ll need a door that fits the door frame. Second, you’ll need some sort of saw to cut the door to size if it’s not an exact fit.

    Third, you’ll need a drill to create holes for the door knob and hinges. Fourth, you’ll need drywall screws and nails to attach the hinges and door knob. And fifth, you’ll need a level to make sure that the door is hung evenly. With these five things, you should be able to install an interior door without any problems.


    What Is The Cost Of Installing Interior Doors?

    The cost of installing an interior door will hinge on the side you need it installed on (left or right), the rough opening of your doorway, the type of wall surface you have (drywall or plaster) and whether you’re using a slab door or a door with a jamb. If you’re hanging a door slab (a door without hinge side or a doorknob) on a drywall surface, you can expect to pay between $50 and $75.

    However, if you’re hanging a slab door on a plaster surface, the cost will be closer to $100. If you’re hanging a door jamb on a drywall surface, you can expect to pay between $100 and $200. And finally, if you’re hanging a door with a jamb on a plaster surface, the cost will be between $150 and $300. In short, the cost of installing an interior door is largely dependent on the size and type of door you’re using as well as the type of wall surface.



    So there you have it, your complete guide to installing interior doors. Follow these simple steps and you’ll be on your way to having beautifully installed doors in no time! Have any questions or need some help along the way? Our team is always here to answer any questions you may have about door installation. Give us a call today!