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    It can be tough to decide which type of keyless entry system is best for your home or office.

    There are a lot of different types of keyless entry systems on the market, and it can be tough to decide which one is right for you.

    We’ve put together this guide to the most common types of keyless entry systems to help make your decision easier.


    Most Common Types of Keyless Entry Systems on the Market


    • Keyless Entry System with Keypads

    A keypad keyless entry system is by far the most common type of keyless entry system.  This keyless entry option works with your existing key to unlock and lock your doors or gates and then uses a keypad to access individual rooms inside the building.

    Most keypads that come with these types of systems will sport an LCD screen where you can see which code was used to enter each room and keep track of how many times codes have been used. The downside to this type of keyless entry is that if someone gets hold of your code, they can enter as freely as you do.


    • Keyless Entry System with Smartphone Apps

    This keyless entry type allows you to use your smartphone as a key, so it is even more convenient than keypad keyless entry systems.  With this system, you can lock or unlock your doors using another app on your phone instead of having to hunt down your keys every time you come home or leave for work.

    Additionally, some of these keyless entry apps allow you to set rules that will lock the door after a certain number of hours passed or when everyone who normally comes home has left the building.

    For example, if you don’t want anyone sneaking in the backdoor after an office party at night but are away on vacation during the holiday season, you can set the keyless entry app to automatically lock after 8 pm.


    • Keyless Entry System with Fingerprint Scanners

    This keyless entry key is 100% keyless; there are no keys or keypads involved at all. With this system, users open their doors by placing their fingers on a fingerprint scanner pad on the doorframe for just long enough to authenticate them as authorized users.

    These fingerprint scanners come in both standalone models and models that integrate into your existing keypad keyless entry system. The downside to these types of keyless entry systems is that they can be hacked if the person trying to gain access is able to get their hands on your fingerprint somehow.


    • Keyless Entry System with Proximity Cards or Tags

    This type of keyless entry key is also 100% keyless; there are no keys or keypads involved at all.  With this keyless entry option, you simply swipe a proximity tag over a reader on the doorframe in order to unlock it.

    The best thing about this keyless entry system is that you can program these cards to allow certain people in at certain times while keeping others out during specific periods. The downside here is that if anyone is left carrying a proximity key tag, they can get in at will.


    • Keyless Entry System with Smart Locks

    This keyless entry key is more keyless than keypad key-less entry and keyless entry systems with smartphone apps because there are still keys involved.  However, it is another step up from keyless keypad unlockers because the locks that come with these types of smart locks allow for a much wider range of options as compared to standard deadbolt locksets.

    With a smart lock system, you only need one key to access your house; this first key opens your latch but not your deadbolt. The second key that you keep on your keychain can be programmed to open both your latch and deadbolt set, allowing access to anyone who has the key; this key is also handy for giving temporary keyless entry keys to babysitters or other visitors you don’t want having unrestricted access to your home.

    The keyless entry system with smart locks can also be keyless if you choose to use your existing keypad keyless entry system as part of it. This works by programming the keypad to open either just the latch or both the latch and deadbolt; this allows you to unlock your door without having to fumble around for keys when you come home but still secure things at night when you go to bed.


    FAQs About Most Common Types of Keyless Entry Systems on the Market


    What are keyless entry system keypads?

    Keyless entry keypad key-less entry systems allow you to enter your home by entering a code on the keypad instead of using keys or key fobs.

    You can use this type of keyless entry system to grant access to friends, family members, visitors, and service professionals while keeping other people out.

    There are four main types of key-less entry keypads: numerical keypad, alphanumerical keypad, qwerty keypad, and biometric fingerprint scanners.


    What is a smart lock?

    A smart lock is just another term for a keyless door lock that can be controlled with an app on your smartphone.

    Smart locks are available in both keypad keyless entry key-less entry systems and keyless keypad unlockers.


    What is a keyless keypad unlocker?

    The keyless keypad unlocker is another term for the key-less entry system that uses your existing keypad in order to grant access to visitors; this type of keyless entry system only requires one actual key.

    The downside here is that if anyone knows the code or can get close enough to see your code, they can get in at will.


    What are the benefits of using keyless entry fobs instead of keys?

    One main benefit of using key-less entry fobs over keys is convenience.

    With a smart lock, you only need one physical key to open all doors on the keyless entry keypad keyless entry key fob system.

    Another keyless entry key fob benefit is that smart locks and key-less entry keypad lock systems can be programmed to give different people access during specific periods.


    What are some common issues with keyless entry systems?

    One main issue with this system type has to do with weather-related key-less keypad keyless entry key fobs.

    If you live in a climate with frequent storms and the key needs to be left outside while you’re out of town, it can lead to rusting and other issues.

    Another common issue has to do with key panels; these are typically very expensive to replace should they get damaged beyond repair.


    What is a keyless entry system keypad PIN code?

    A keyless entry system pin code is just another name for a keyless entry keypad combination.

    The keyless key-less entry keypad keyless entry keypad PIN code is a number or letter sequence that acts as the physical key to access your home.


    What are the benefits of using key-less entry system keypads?

    The main benefit of having a key-less entry system PIN code is convenience.

    With a key-less entry keypad, you don’t have to worry about carrying around keys or other devices in order to get into your home; simply press a button on your smartphone app and the lock will open.

    Another benefit of this type of system is that it can be programmed to give different people access during different times, which is ideal for families with children or people who work odd hours.


    What is the keyless entry keypad key fob?

    A key-less entry keypad key fob works just like a car key fob, except it opens your home’s door lock.

    It’s important to keep in mind that key-less entry keypads and keyless entry keypads usually require battery replacement or recharging at some point; be sure to research this aspect before purchasing to avoid having to deal with frustrating downtime because of dead batteries.


    If you are looking for a keyless entry system, there are many different types on the market.

    Locksmith King Rockville MD is here to provide you with information about the most common types of keyless entry systems on the market.

    We want to help you find the best keyless entry system for your needs.


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